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Teenagers on family holidays

What do you do with teenagers over the holidays? If your family doesn't have to make compromises to keep everyone happy then please write a book and give the rest of us the secret!

I was having coffee with another school mum while our teens 'interacted' over a computer game and we discussed how to keep teenage boys interested in family time. She has three boys, I just have the one. They have taken up sailing - making it a family holiday that everyone will enjoy. My friend has fingers crossed that her oldest son might even forsake his girlfriend for a week and turn down travel options with friends to sail with the family this summer. They are lucky enough to have the money for this kind of dream holiday. But even on a lower budget, the theory applies. Find an activity or a destination that will appeal to everyone in the family.

Alton Towers new ride - Wicker Man
So that is where a Alton Towers fits in. Some parents love the rides at Alton Towers more than their kids do, others stand around holding the bags and coats. The bag-holders do this because the promise of a few days at Alton Towers meant that teenagers raised a bit of smile at the prospect of a family trip together. Maybe additional promises of being able to take a friend were added. We love to see our families having a great time.

Perfect family walk
So that is where Barks Cottage fits in. Family time. You lure the kids on holiday with the fun of a day at a theme park and maybe even the extra perk of Alton Towers waterpark. And then on other days, everyone actually spends time together on a family walk, maybe via a local pub, and explore the local attractions.

These are activities that too rarely happen at home because everyone has 'better' things to do, but when you go away everyone's priorities change. And that's the magic. You get to explore, chat, eat together and have fun times.