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Cockadoodle doo

Say hello to the handsome new addition to our little flock. We can't decide what to call him. He has a lovely crow and seems to be good natured. But he has a hard act to follow...
New cockerel struts his stuff outside Barks Holiday Cottage
We said a very sad farewell to Stewart our cockerel of about 9 years. We had raised Stewart from an egg and he had been a good fellow to have around. Very friendly indeed. He used to come and hang out near us if we were sitting in the garden. He was starting to get a bit tired and was clearly feeling his age, but sadly it wasn't time that did for him but either a fox or a neighbour's dog. Truly not a fitting end for such a fine bird.

Our new chap is not very confident and is a rather short of hens following a second attack, this time definitely by the neighbour's dog. He is on the mend and re-growing his tail feathers, but dare we name him yet???

Just in case you are thinking that you don't want a self-catering cottage where you are going to be woken before dawn by a cockadoodle-doo, fear not, the hutch stops him stretching his neck and getting full volume and they are not kept on the bedroom side of the cottage.

You may however wish you were woken at dawn so that you can get to Alton Towers and be first on the rides. The early bird catches the worm and all that.