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The garden is not dog proof

We are down a quiet track and well off the road, but - I need to make this completely clear - the garden is not dog proof because it is not fenced in. There may be chickens and hens pecking about the place too. We really hope that we have made all this crystal clear, everywhere. Dogs are very welcome, we love dogs, we will dog sit while you go to Alton Towers or wherever, we have an award for being dog friendly... but we really need there to be no ambiguity... there is no fenced in garden!!!

Large child-friendly garden - but not dog proof! Spot the free range duck posing in the picture! You can see the fencing between us and the neighbours on each side, but it's open access behind this picture to the track. Well behaved dogs welcome.

This summer we had a bad review and this was one of the gripes. The lack of fences, a wifi issue we fixed there and then and the 'dust behind the radiators'. Yes indeed, we were advised there was dust behind the radiators. Needless to say, thanks to this eagle-eyed feedback, the dust is now cleared away. The wifi is slow round here, and we offer no guarantee of speed or availability as who knows what BT might be up to along our lanes. Most kids seem to manage and their online worlds don't collapse because Facebook, Snapchat and all those games they love so much are all fine. When faster broadband comes this way, we're snapping it up. But when it comes to the garden... we have no plans to turn the garden into Fort Knox. Well behaved dogs and owners are welcome ... but there is no fenced in garden.  So that's that sorted out then!

South facing terrace - not fenced