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Alton Towers Water Park

I spent all of last Sunday at Alton Towers Waterpark, well 1 - 5pm anyway.  It was a really chilly day outside ... but tropical inside.

I had five 10 year old boys to entertain and (here's the best of it) all I saw of them most of the day was a blur of smiles as they ran past on their way to the next slide or thrill. They didn't event stop for a drink, even though well-organised parents had sent them along with money for a healthy snack.  They grabbed the odd biscuit from my bag (shh don't tell Alton Towers staff I had some hidden there!).

So I sat and read my book for a while then towards the end of our visit I nipped into the bubbly pool and down a few slides.  I braved the outdoor slides too - ooh, that was chilly!
Good day had by all I'd say - a day at Alton Towers that the winter weather didn't spoil.
Water Park is a brilliant day out but in my grown up opinion ,,, I'd rather visit the Alton Towers spa!