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Honeysuckle-scented walk in Churnet Valley, nr Alton Towers

I snapped this pic on the morning walk into the valley to take my son to school.  We smelled the honeysuckle long before we saw it. It had recently rained and the air was fresh, clear and wonderfully perfumed.

It has made me think that I should grow more scented flowers around the holiday cottage terrace. Maybe some night scented stocks would add to the ambience of sitting on the terrace with a beer or glass of wine after a hard day taking the kids to Alton Towers.  Sorry, did the mention of a hard day at Alton Towers ruin the feeling? The thing is that the families that come and stay with us say that whilst they love Alton Towers they also want to be completely away from it all by evening.  And peaceful Barks Holiday Cottage, surrounded by grassy meadows and fragrant woods may only be 2.6 miles from Alton Towers, but it certainly counts as 'getting away from it all.'

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