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Our guests this year have been lovely.

So far we haven't had the die-hard Alton Towers fans that spend three solid days over at our neighbouring attraction.  Some families have dropped the children at Alton Towers and then nipped around some of our nearby National Trust properties. 

We are hearing great things about Consall Hall Gardens this year.  We had a guest with limited mobility and she enjoyed a fabulous guided tour there on a buggy; guided by the owner.   

Trentham Gardens is again proving to be a major highlight and guests are keen that I recommend it to others - so I am!  Last week's guests wanted to get a flavour of the area and were discussing Dovedale and in passing asked if Dovedale and the Stepping Stones has nearby retail . . . well, not really! Just the National Trust shop and the ice-cream van.  So I directed them to Trentham Gardens and everyone came back happy.

There is something for everyone!  It is nearly the concert at Alton Towers so I expect the focus to shift back to good old ST10 4DB.