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Sunny days at Alton Towers

Rose in full bloom on sunny holiday cottage terrace
The guests have piled off to Alton Towers for a day of fun and thrills, but back here at the holiday cottage the sun is shining and there's a slight breeze and all is summer gloriousness.

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Holiday cottage is a tardis, apparently

We just had a note from a family that stayed in the holiday cottage for their Alton Towers based holiday. They said lots of lovely things and described it as a 'tardis' - maybe because they had a tour of the annexe. Other than the annexe apartment, this self-catering holiday cottage doesn't have any other tardis-like qualities as far as I know. Does it transport you from one time zone to another, or whisk you from one planet to another? Well now I think about that idea, maybe it sort of does! Especially when you compare the hustle and bustle of Alton Towers with the peace and tranquility of this area.
View from main bedroom