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Churnet Valley next to Alton Towers

I took my car to the garage in Alton and walked back with the dogs. A stream of traffic was leaving Alton Towers across the valley from us; I hope they noticed the beautiful views, but I know they missed the birdsong. I really enjoyed a peaceful walk through the lovely Churnet Valley.

Barks Holiday Cottage, 01538 703436


Spring views at the holiday cottage

Daffodils in the sunshine outside the holiday cottage bedroom windows.

If you are heading to Alton Towers and want to add some romance, privacy and peace and quiet, then this is the place to stay. We have midweek and weekend Spring special offer until 20 May:
Weekends: £222 for family of 4/5.
Midweek: double room £50
Call 01538 703436 to book
Barks Holiday Cottage, 01538 703436


May deals to Alton Towers

There are great deals floating around for entry to Alton Towers. 
If you are prepared to wait and save up then Tesco Clubcard is useful - and brilliant for getting your hands on a reduced price Merlin Annual Pass.

If you find you can escape to Alton Towers at the last minute then I have two money saving tips to offer:
1.  Join the Alton Towers Facebook Fan Page and print off your own 2 for 1 vouchers.  As many as you need.  While you are on Facebook please join the Barks Holiday Cottage page and keep up with our special offers and updates.
2.  The couple that were here at the weekend said they got a 2 for 1 voucher at WH Smith.  Check it out.

If you can grab a deal and escape to Alton Towers at the last minute then check out our May mid-season special accommodation offer, available from now until 20th May:

Weekends - £222.  That's 25% off our usual price for a 3 night stay.
Add some romance to your Alton Towers visit and stay over in a lovely country cottage in the next village to your favourite theme park at ST10 4DB.
May Midweek Facebook special room rate*: - double room £50 per night.  
*This offer is for Fans of our Facebook page, but you could join our Facebook page now and get this mid-season deal and maybe more like it during the season ahead.  Midweek is Monday - Thursday.  Payment is cash on arrival.  Telephone for availability or post your dates on our Facebook wall.


Rural holiday cottage - the lambs are so cute now

Barks is a lovely, rural holiday cottage even though it is less than 3 miles from Alton Towers. I suppose those that know Alton Towers well will have walked the Woodland Walk and seen the great views over the Churnet Valley and therefore appreciate the loveliness of our surroundings.

Well our holiday just took on an even more rural and lovelier quality because the ewes and lambs are now in the fields.  They are jumping about for no particular reason other than the sun is shining over the Staffordshire Moorlands.  It is such a lovely scene, you must come.

3 nights £295
7 nights £450

email us or call 01538 703436
Join our Facebook Fan Page and receive a discount on midweek visits before 20th May - just scribble the dates you would like on the 'wall' and we'll get back to you asap.


Got drenched at Alton Towers

We went to Alton Towers again and got completely drenched.  Not by the weather, by the log flume.  The sun shone gloriously, it was 18C.  Too early to herald the arrival of summer, but a reminder of the Alton Towers fun and sunshine that we are holding out for.


Good Friday Fun at Alton Towers

Barks Holiday Cottage - 01538 703436

We finally made it to Alton Towers with our passes.  We thought we would nip in early and avoid any holiday queues but that didn't work when we hit the rush hour for the monorail, which promptly broke down.  Took ages to get in.  Once in, however, Alton Towers was really quiet.  No further waiting required. 

I was expecting Alton Towers to have a relatively quiet day and was discussing this with one of the ride handlers, another local Alton resident.  Apparently it is always relatively quiet on bank holidays (even though Good Friday isn't a bank holiday).  The weekend should be quiet too, so we may go to Alton Towers again. Lots of the local Alton Towers accommodation providers of self-catering and B&B have told me the same story:  vacancies now, fully booked accommodation from Sunday.

self-catering from 3 nights 11th April - 18th April
short break and weekend self catering for Alton Towers visits available from 21st April

While at Alton Towers we made use of our Merlin Annual passes and said hi to the fishes in Sharkbait Reef aquarium, pottered around on some of the old favourites at Old MacDonalds Farm and gave ourselves a mini adrenalin kick on the Dragon junior rollercoaster.  Really I am quite relieved that my six and a half year old can still be amused by these tame rides because I am not going to manage Thirteen, Air, Nemesis etc  Next time we go I think we will just nip to Cloud Cuckoo Land.  Handy to be only a couple of miles away in the next village.


Easter holidays near Alton Towers

What a gorgeous morning.  We are about to set off on the school hike and I bet it is going to be beautiful across the fields and through the woods.  Last day of term here.  Then a chocolate fest no doubt.

We have last minute self-catering availability for Alton towers tonight until Monday.  Then another gap between 11th - 18th.  Please give us a ring on 01538 703436 if you would like to book in for some country air.  I doubt the snow will still be here but it is lovely walking around here at the moment.  And of course Alton Towers is only a couple of miles away in the next village.