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Alton Towers opens 20th March

Many of our holiday cottage guests are families 4 of 5 who are looking to wrap a holiday around a couple of days of fun at Alton Towers.

Others are small groups of friends who want nothing more than a couple of packed days at Alton Towers.

To all you Alton Towers lovers . . . prepare for the season to start in earnest on 20th March.  There was a taste of the action over half term. 

We are ready!  The cottage is ready!

We have bought our Merlin Entertainments annual pass and have already been onto the London Eye.   If you have your Merlin pass, all you need now is some comfortable accommodation just a short nip from your favourite theme park.  Look no further  . . . please check out our 3 night and 7 night self-catering breaks.

Give us a call on 01538 703436 or email us to check availability on your preferred dates. 


Nearly Feb half term already

Feb half term - Alton Towers is open on reduced hours and ticket prices.  We have availability please enquire on 01538 703436 for dates and prices

March 20th - Theme Park opens in earnest.  If you are looking for self-catering accommodation near Alton Towers please do drop us an email to check availability at our holiday cottage on your preferred dates.  3 nights or 7 nights self catering lets available.


Walking the Moorlands seasonal update

I can't believe it is nearly half term.  The school hike is going well.  We set off at 8.25am in a bit of a rush.  It takes about 10 minutes to get ready.  A 6yr old needs to be constantly hurried along and questioned about progress - teeth cleaned?  wellies on?  school shoes in rucksack?  coat? waterproof trousers?  bookbag?  Then I need to check my layers are warm enough for the downhill start and adjustable for the upward return - woolly hat, necker, ski jacket seems to be working at the moment.  Dog leads?  rucksack?  phone?

Whatever the time of year there is something marvellous about walking around the Churnet Valley.  The sunrise and cloud formations over Beelow Hill, on the other side of the valley, have been wonderful the last week or so. 

The wildlife is preparing for spring.  I have noticed that the birds are singing more.  This morning the woodpeckers were in action, clattering against some trees.  Yesterday there were foxes everywhere.  We shut the hens into their run even though the foxes had other seasonal matters on their minds.

The extra daylight is welcome.  And to add to our sparkling sunny morning was a sprinkling of fresh snow.

We only do the school hike going to school.  It is one thing for a 6yr old to kick a tennis ball along a downhill track for 20 minutes, but too much after a hard day at school to walk 40 minutes up a steep hill.  And sadly we have to fit some real work into our day.