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TV and WiFi

Dek the aerial man was pretty upset with us last week. He had been expecting a simple digital aerial installation but we turned out to be customers with exacting requirements that did not want more holes drilled through our walls. Poor Dek! He left the aerial wire wrapped in a coil hanging off the chimney and drove off just slightly grumpy. Now we await the arrival of Richard, the electrician, who is coming back to explain the mysteries of the aerial wires that he put in place earlier in the year when we had Barks renovated.

Since our holiday cottage is so good for families with pre-teen children it seems only fair to offer decent TV. Children who have hiked or cycled most of the day deserve to chill out, and those that have had adrenalin rushes all day at Alton Towers maybe need to sit down for medical reasons. Reception on all TV channels is great - at night we can look across the Trent Valley and just see the distant aerials around Birmingham glittering red against the horizon.

Broadband Wifi access is already available to guests. So hurry up Richard, we need the digital TV sorted out before some 9 year old boys come to stay during the bank holiday week.