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Dogs and Barks

Pets welcome at Barks holiday cottage. Dogs especially . . .

It is great dog-walking country and we are dog owners who know the joy of taking your pet dog with you on your well-earned break. Barks has a lot of merits as a dog-friendly destination: plenty of off-the-lead walking in the woods for well-behaved dogs, and lovely safe tracks that avoid lambs/sheep and ground-nesting birds etc. Another plus point is that we, the owners, are only a stones-throw away; fellow dog-owners with two young neutered bitches and a very old girl.

If you want dog-sitting or dog-walking services, while you are out at Alton Towers with the children or loading up with fine china in Stoke-on-Trent, then we can try to help out if we can.
Dogs to Alton Towers? Please, please do not be tempted to leave your dog in your car while you go to Alton Towers, because there is no shade and the car parks and rides are miles apart. Barks guests can book in advance for a 'dog sitting' session when we will check your pet is not distressed at the cottage and can take it out on the lead if required.

Most dogs are pretty friendly towards others and ours love having dog-visitors in the holiday cottage. We'd like to point out that our dogs are often loose in the area, and that Barks does not have a secure fenced-in garden. There is a field opposite for late night walkies - and spades to clear up field and garden as required.
If you are looking for a destination that is equally child and dog-friendly, this has to be it! If you are interested in bringing other pets, please contact us to discuss suitability.
Please call Catherine and James on 01538 703436 to discuss arrangements for bringing your dog to our rural pet-friendly holiday cottage.