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lambs on the hillside

The guests who came last weekend walked onto the ridge to show their children the young lambs. They had been misled about the wind conditions, because Barks is sheltered by the ridge and the woods. Last weekend there was an unusually bitter, cold, northeast wind. Up on the ridge, our London guests enjoyed more fresh air than they bargained for. They left on Sunday night thinking that we inhabit the frozen north, but on Monday the sun came out, spring returned and the new lambs danced with joy in the hot sunshine.


Alton Towers

Went to Alton Towers to get literature for the holiday cottage and was reminded about the smart way to book tickets for the theme park. The best deals come via offers and promotions from retailers - Woolworths have/had an offer so look out for similar deals. Next best is to check the website and the most crazy, expensive way is to poll up on the day when you have to pay approx £24 per adult.

Alton Towers theme park is a good family day out. And Splash Landings is a fun way to spend a morning or afternoon.


The season has started

We had our first guests last weekend. Cathy & Brian, and their children Louis and Hugo. A family we know from London who had stayed with us before. They narrowly missed the picturesque dusting of snow that made the Staffordshire Moorlands look so beautiful, and presented a great tobogganing opportunity . . .