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Last minute holiday cottage Peak District and Alton Towers

Our last minute self catering holiday cottage deals for June 2018:

We have two midweek self-catering mini breaks for our remaining dates in June:
18th June midweek break £275
25th June midweek break £275
Barks self-catering holiday cottage - last minute deals

Suitable for short holidays in the Peak District and to Alton Towers. Ideal for a couple for a walking holiday, possibly with their dog. Perfect for a family with a day or two at Alton Towers, maybe flexing your Merlin pass.

18th June midweek break £275
25th June midweek break £275
All enquiries to or telephone 01538 703436


Blooming June at the holiday cottage

We came back from holiday to a jungle. Out came the mower and the strimmer and now we have a jungle with clearings.

The holiday cottage terrace is buzzing with activity. Not from holiday guests but from the bees that are loving the pyracanthus flowers.  I have been pruning it a little to keep it in shape.

Flowering pyracanthus being lightly chopped.

And so a decision has to be made...
... is this the year to chop back the hebe? It had a major, to the ground, chopping when we put in the terrace a few years ago. Since then it has pleasantly regrown and reformed. Suddenly, it is a giant bush that is obscuring the view over the valley from the kitchen window. The other factor in this decision is that my husband is in outside mode with garden implements in hand. He just needs directing towards the hebe....
Hebe - about to be majorly chopped??
... today could be the day to chop the hebe. I'll let you know!

For those that actually know something about gardening and are planning a holiday in the Churnet Valley or near Alton Towers, may I suggest Consall Hall Gardens and the National Trust's Biddulph Grange.


Merlin passes

Our half term guests have Merlin passes and made good use of them by all accounts. They built a holiday around daily family trips to Alton Towers. Having said that, they also made daily outings to local attractions - walks, tea rooms, browsing local towns. A good time was had by all, according to their feedback. Personally, I think this is the framework for a brilliant family holiday - something for everyone with never a dull moment. I have just come back from my own family holiday and reviewing it in the light of our departing guests' comments, I can see that we fell into a framework for our time too. Funny how that works out!

I will also mention the other bit of feedback we just received as it is something we were pleased to hear. Our holiday cottage guest was pleased to be able to comfortably accommodate her three children in a bedroom by themselves (so that she had a room to herself) in a sweet cottage that is close, but not too close, to Alton Towers ST10 4DB... all within her budget.

Family time, that's what we believe in.


Holiday cottage change over in spring

It is so much more satisfying to dry the holiday cottage linen and towels in the sun than stuff them in the dryer. Fresh sunny linen, better for us guests and better for the environment.

Pegging it all out has to be worth the extra effort. My guard dog will hopefully notify me if it blows away to another county. It's sunny today, and a bit breezy.



We so enjoyed having Mac and his people staying in the holiday cottage last week. Mac spent the day with us while his lovely family spent a full day at Alton Towers.

Mac didn't understand posing for the camera, but his manners were splendid. Such a cheerful chappie.


Teenagers on family holidays

What do you do with teenagers over the holidays? If your family doesn't have to make compromises to keep everyone happy then please write a book and give the rest of us the secret!

I was having coffee with another school mum while our teens 'interacted' over a computer game and we discussed how to keep teenage boys interested in family time. She has three boys, I just have the one. They have taken up sailing - making it a family holiday that everyone will enjoy. My friend has fingers crossed that her oldest son might even forsake his girlfriend for a week and turn down travel options with friends to sail with the family this summer. They are lucky enough to have the money for this kind of dream holiday. But even on a lower budget, the theory applies. Find an activity or a destination that will appeal to everyone in the family.

Alton Towers new ride - Wicker Man
So that is where a Alton Towers fits in. Some parents love the rides at Alton Towers more than their kids do, others stand around holding the bags and coats. The bag-holders do this because the promise of a few days at Alton Towers meant that teenagers raised a bit of smile at the prospect of a family trip together. Maybe additional promises of being able to take a friend were added. We love to see our families having a great time.

Perfect family walk
So that is where Barks Cottage fits in. Family time. You lure the kids on holiday with the fun of a day at a theme park and maybe even the extra perk of Alton Towers waterpark. And then on other days, everyone actually spends time together on a family walk, maybe via a local pub, and explore the local attractions.

These are activities that too rarely happen at home because everyone has 'better' things to do, but when you go away everyone's priorities change. And that's the magic. You get to explore, chat, eat together and have fun times.


Holiday Cottage insights

There's never a dull moment running a holiday cottage! This week we've had to replace the rug in the sitting room. So we've invested in a bigger and better one. Probably a factor of making that purchase decision when there was snow all around!
I think we'll leave this week's guests in peace and put the new rug down tomorrow.
New rug for Barks holiday cottage

barks holiday cottage availability


Snowy round here - proper Peak District

Feb 2018 - we were checking the road conditions
We've had a lot of snowy days this winter. The Churnet Valley has been looking spectacular, particularly from the vantage point of our hill top.

This morning I wasn't sure about getting off our hill as it is 16% descent in all directions! We have a 4x4 but it is rubbish at this sort surface - just a heavy old car that slides towards the ditch given half a chance. Anyway, we made it after a bit of effort throwing grit around. My son was only and hour or so late for school. Oh well.


Cockadoodle doo

Say hello to the handsome new addition to our little flock. We can't decide what to call him. He has a lovely crow and seems to be good natured. But he has a hard act to follow...
New cockerel struts his stuff outside Barks Holiday Cottage
We said a very sad farewell to Stewart our cockerel of about 9 years. We had raised Stewart from an egg and he had been a good fellow to have around. Very friendly indeed. He used to come and hang out near us if we were sitting in the garden. He was starting to get a bit tired and was clearly feeling his age, but sadly it wasn't time that did for him but either a fox or a neighbour's dog. Truly not a fitting end for such a fine bird.

Our new chap is not very confident and is a rather short of hens following a second attack, this time definitely by the neighbour's dog. He is on the mend and re-growing his tail feathers, but dare we name him yet???

Just in case you are thinking that you don't want a self-catering cottage where you are going to be woken before dawn by a cockadoodle-doo, fear not, the hutch stops him stretching his neck and getting full volume and they are not kept on the bedroom side of the cottage.

You may however wish you were woken at dawn so that you can get to Alton Towers and be first on the rides. The early bird catches the worm and all that.


2018 bookings have opened

High Season 2017 is now over, it has been very busy! Some very organised people have already booked their repeat visit to Barks Holiday Cottage for 2018. They booked before they left, which is the sort of endorsement that speaks volumes.

We have just published our prices for next year. Please check our availability page for rates for 2018 and get in touch if you would like to check any facts about the cottage or surrounding area

Barks Holiday Cottage - 2018 bookings have started.


The garden is not dog proof

We are down a quiet track and well off the road, but - I need to make this completely clear - the garden is not dog proof because it is not fenced in. There may be chickens and hens pecking about the place too. We really hope that we have made all this crystal clear, everywhere. Dogs are very welcome, we love dogs, we will dog sit while you go to Alton Towers or wherever, we have an award for being dog friendly... but we really need there to be no ambiguity... there is no fenced in garden!!!

Large child-friendly garden - but not dog proof! Spot the free range duck posing in the picture! You can see the fencing between us and the neighbours on each side, but it's open access behind this picture to the track. Well behaved dogs welcome.

This summer we had a bad review and this was one of the gripes. The lack of fences, a wifi issue we fixed there and then and the 'dust behind the radiators'. Yes indeed, we were advised there was dust behind the radiators. Needless to say, thanks to this eagle-eyed feedback, the dust is now cleared away. The wifi is slow round here, and we offer no guarantee of speed or availability as who knows what BT might be up to along our lanes. Most kids seem to manage and their online worlds don't collapse because Facebook, Snapchat and all those games they love so much are all fine. When faster broadband comes this way, we're snapping it up. But when it comes to the garden... we have no plans to turn the garden into Fort Knox. Well behaved dogs and owners are welcome ... but there is no fenced in garden.  So that's that sorted out then!

South facing terrace - not fenced


Stowaway at Barks Holiday Cottage

This little one was trying to stay at the cottage a little longer than planned but we think he needs reuniting with his owner. I suspect there might be a crisis when they get home, unpack and discover he's missing :-(

Catherine Doel
Henmore Marketing

01335 289075


Summer holidays begin

I have set the auto-response message on my phone to 'Summer Holidays 😊'

I want to make the most of my son's summer hols and don't intent to chain myself to my desk 9 til 5 over the next few weeks. However, the reality is that we will simply be a parent taxi service unless we make an effort. Or worse than that, we will walk past his human form slumped on the sofa with a mobile device obscuring the view of his face. I suggest a walk with the dog or a cycle ride and generally get a negative response. Been there, seen it, done it! I need to book in some family time and plan some activities that we will all enjoy!

Once upon a time a trip to Splash Landings was a brilliant family activity, but now he is a teenager he is more likely to go with a couple of school friends ... and we are the taxi service! But this is only because Splash Landings and Alton Towers are on our doorstep. If we were travelling it would be a suitable family activity.

I've discussed this with some other mums staying at Barks to visit Alton Towers. We reckon the key is to get everyone away from home. Grown ups stop thinking about work and chores, teenagers seem to switch on and engage with the rest of the family and younger ones just love everyone doing something all together.

School holidays take some planning! I hope the smiley face emoji on my auto reply turns out to be the right choice 😕

(at the time of writing we have one mini break left in the school holidays - 3 or 4 nights from 21st August please check availability).


Award winning holiday cottage in Staffordshire!

Oh my goodness we won an award in the Staffordshire Tourism Awards.
Silver award in the Staffordshire Tourism Awards
We are thrilled to have won Silver in the Dog Friendly Business of the Year category. We were up against some stern competition, and the Gold award was deservedly won by a dog friendly pub in the south of this huge county of Staffordshire. Apparently they know all their doggie regulars by name and shake paws when they come in etc etc so of course we can't compete with that. But we do our best to enable families to stay together during their holidays, including taking the much loved family dog.

I know from experience it is really hard to fully enjoy a holiday break without my dog. Sometimes, however it is difficult to please all tastes. Your kids want to be riding the rollercoasters at Alton Towers, your dog ... not so much! The dog wants to be hiking the hills of the Churnet Valley, your kids... not so much, especially after a hard day at Alton Towers! Even couples with a dog want to visit country houses and do some shopping and if it is a hot day, the car is not an option and after a long day out sometimes the woods and fields seem too exhausting.  So who hikes the hills with the dog... we do! All part of our 'dog-sitting' service.

We understand that Barks Holiday Cottage is not suitable for all dogs because of the lack of fences and the free roaming chickens and ducks, but the dogs that come here are wonderful. We have met some real characters over the last few years and we look forward to seeing who the year ahead brings.


Last minute self catering availability August

18th August: - 
7 nights is £495
3 nights is £375
3 nights breaks available from Fri 18th or Mon 21st

We don't very often get cancellations, but Tracey and family have had to change plans. So there is a last minute availability in August that is ideal for families to stay for a 7 day holiday or grab a 3 day break.

A 3 day break with the kids in the summer holiday can be jam-packed with entertainment round here. There's a theme park (Alton Towers, no less), two water parks, steam railway, zoo etc etc. And there is loads of walking or more extreme outdoor pursuits like bouldering and rock climbing. After you've done all that, let the kids carry on burning energy on our playing field playing penalty shoot out while you have a cup of tea (or something stronger) on the terrace. Sorted!


Holiday Cottage football pitch

Playing field, ideal for kicking a ball about.
All the meadows are looking wonderful just now, but soon they will be cut for hay. The playing field behind the cottage is kept mown all year as a play area. As you can see there are some bumps to contend with, but most kids seem to want to do penalty shoot outs. The goal in the picture is just behind the tree on the left.

Dear Mrs Duck, she seems to have been left behind by her two friends, the other Mrs Duck and Mr Duck! Or maybe she just waddled along to see what I was doing and photo bomb my picture!


Pickle the blogger dog

We live and work in the heart of the Churnet Valley. Such a wonderful area, full of natural landscapes and heritage features. Over the last few years £3m has been invested in enhancing and restoring the area, mostly due to Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and a partnership group winning a Heritage Lottery Fund grant. One of the projects is brilliant for visitors, as well as being fascinating for locals - the Churnet Valley Guide. I would encourage guests to take a peek.

Anyway, shh, don't tell anyone, but... Pickle, our 10 year old terrier,  has set up an account and has written her first blog post. Personally, I think she has skills. See what you think. Here's her piece: Too Much Mud

Pickle the blogger dog! Read her blog on


Getting fit in the countryside

Churnet Way, Oakamoor to Alton

At this time of year gyms are packed with people burning off the seasonal excess that clings persistently to our midriffs. I am actually a member of two gyms! I justify that on the grounds that the spa at Alton Towers is shut while they do yet more building work there. The gym in Cheadle has fabulous classes and equipment, but no spa...and I do love a spa!

Probably the most effective way I find to kick off the calories is to walk. And the best place to walk is definitely out in the countryside. I was walking my dog along the Churnet Way between Alton and Oakamoor on a misty morning and saw a runner and dog coming towards me. My camera phone hasn't done the scene justice, but the silver birches made a stunning backdrop. To my slight embarrassment it turned out I was photographing another mother from my son's school. So we had a little chat and she is in training for a marathon and getting fit by running along the Churnet Way almost daily.

For cycling, horse riding, running and walking and pushing buggies, this is a lovely route through the valley. And unusually round here, it is on the flat!

Alton Towers 2017 season details

I have just received the Alton Towers 2017 opening details:-
The Theme Park will re-open on Saturday 25th March and close on Sunday 5th November next year. Scarefest dates haven’t been confirmed yet, but it will be back in October and they'll be running the fireworks again on the 4th and 5th November. The mid-week quieter trading period closed dates are also still being firmed up, apparently. Please also note that the Alton Towers Spa will be temporarily closed from January whilst building works take place on the new CBeebies Land Hotel. The Spa will re-open in Summer 2017.

Barks Cottage is very close to Alton Towers and a number of our guests will be planning their visit to us around these Alton Towers opening times. We hope this is useful information.


Last Alton Towers fun for 2016

Barks Cottage, less than 3 miles to Alton Towers

On the 31st October Alton Towers is open 10am - 9pm with rides in the dark. The theme park is then closed the rest of the week until the weekend of 5th and 6th November when it is the dazzling Alton Towers fireworks spectacular, plus the 9pm closing time.

Despite the fact that the theme park is closed, Alton Towers Waterpark, Splash Landings is open from 10 - 4pm all week. And there are lots of other things to do in the area.

The last of the autumn leaves will be on the trees in the Churnet Valley so why not take some air before a lovely tea room visit?

Please call 01538 703436 or email