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Oakamoor to Whiston countryside action walk

As all our visitors mention, the countryside around here is truly lovely - unspoiled wooded valleys. And we want to keep it that way!  Just at the moment we locals are feeling under threat from outside developers helping themselves for the sake of profit, and we don't have a large local population to give a loud voice for the opposition case.

Laver Leisure, builders of holiday parks, have bought the local disused quarry. Said quarry has a restoration order on, to turn it back into countryside. But somehow, the county council are OK with screwing up all contracts that require the owners to restore the quarry, instead giving a green light to outside developers to build Moneystone Park. Shame!

Anyway, we are still at the planning stage and local people, who are fed up with the whole sorry business, are waking up to the high levels of traffic piling down our narrow lanes and all the other ills this profit taking exercise will impose on us.

So people from up and down the valley are meeting on Saturday 6th December at 9.45am to do a protest walk. Across the beautiful countryside that we will cross there are plans to build 250 lodges. Boo!

Any locals reading this. Please join in! Meet at Whiston Village Hall, 9.45am, Saturday.