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Oakamoor to Whiston countryside action walk

As all our visitors mention, the countryside around here is truly lovely - unspoiled wooded valleys. And we want to keep it that way!  Just at the moment we locals are feeling under threat from outside developers helping themselves for the sake of profit, and we don't have a large local population to give a loud voice for the opposition case.

Laver Leisure, builders of holiday parks, have bought the local disused quarry. Said quarry has a restoration order on, to turn it back into countryside. But somehow, the county council are OK with screwing up all contracts that require the owners to restore the quarry, instead giving a green light to outside developers to build Moneystone Park. Shame!

Anyway, we are still at the planning stage and local people, who are fed up with the whole sorry business, are waking up to the high levels of traffic piling down our narrow lanes and all the other ills this profit taking exercise will impose on us.

So people from up and down the valley are meeting on Saturday 6th December at 9.45am to do a protest walk. Across the beautiful countryside that we will cross there are plans to build 250 lodges. Boo!

Any locals reading this. Please join in! Meet at Whiston Village Hall, 9.45am, Saturday.


Alton Towers accommodation Oct half term

Alton Towers Fireworks -
Barks Holiday Cottage is just 8 minutes drive from
gates of Alton Towers
Barks Holiday Cottage near Alton Towers has a three night break available during October 2014 half term for £295. This self-catering holiday accommodation for a family of 5 is just 2.6 miles or 8 minutes drive from the gates of Alton Towers ST10 4DB.  The holiday cottage is perfect for the late opening during Alton Towers Scarefest Spooktacular and the fabulous Fireworks season finale. If you have a Merlin pass ... make the most of it!

Please email or use our online booking form or call us on 01538 703436.


Sunny days at Alton Towers

Rose in full bloom on sunny holiday cottage terrace
The guests have piled off to Alton Towers for a day of fun and thrills, but back here at the holiday cottage the sun is shining and there's a slight breeze and all is summer gloriousness.

Book now for autumn breaks or for 2015.


Holiday cottage is a tardis, apparently

We just had a note from a family that stayed in the holiday cottage for their Alton Towers based holiday. They said lots of lovely things and described it as a 'tardis' - maybe because they had a tour of the annexe. Other than the annexe apartment, this self-catering holiday cottage doesn't have any other tardis-like qualities as far as I know. Does it transport you from one time zone to another, or whisk you from one planet to another? Well now I think about that idea, maybe it sort of does! Especially when you compare the hustle and bustle of Alton Towers with the peace and tranquility of this area.
View from main bedroom


Nipping to Cbeebies land this summer?

I've  not been to Alton Towers CBeebies land - my son is nearly 11 so he has somewhat outgrown it and much as I love Charlie and Lola it is probably not my thing either. Not even sure Charlie and Lola are featured at CBeebies...maybe they are, perhaps someone can enlighten me.

Families that come to our holiday cottage near Alton Towers are definitely headed to CBeebies land. It is great that there is something more for the little ones. And the Waterpark at Alton Towers is also a fab day out with little ones, especially off season when you can stay much longer.

We have limited school summer holiday 2014 breaks available at Barks Holiday Cottage for self-catering near Alton Towers. But if you have pre-school children there is more available in Septermber and October when it is really lovely around here, with plenty to amuse the little ones in addition to CBeebies Land. 


Holiday Cottage is Blooming Good

Barks Holiday Cottage - garden is blooming
I've been working on the garden and it is going through its blue phase. Looks better than my own garden!

Barks Holiday Cottage offers self-catering holiday accommodation for 5 people. Ideal as a destination for Alton Towers and Peak District.

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Barks Holiday Cottage near Alton Towers


Bank holidays at Alton Towers

Running a self-catering holiday cottage near Alton Towers gives me some insider gen on the place. So here's a strange and unexpected fact about Alton Towers: it is surprisingly quiet on bank holidays. I have been to Alton Towers on a bank holiday Monday and can vouch for this. While there I chatted with staff and asked if Alton Towers is always this quiet on a bank holiday and all agreed -  strange but true.  I can only conclude that everyone assumes it will be heaving with long queues so stays home. The upshot is that the nation's favourite theme park is really quite a pleasant place to be on a Bank Holiday Monday (if you like that sort of thing - see picture).

And for those that don't go for Alton Towers...
a walk in our local bluebell wood. Pets welcome
Have I convinced you that the bank holiday week is a actually a good time for a family trip to Alton Towers?

Barks Cottage, just a few minutes from the main gates ST10 4DB, in a quiet neighbouring village.

August 2014 Bank Holiday is now booked. How about booking ahead for 2015?

Please call or email for updates last minute availability
01538 703436


Alton Towers holiday cottage - April mini break

21 - 24 April available -  3 nights for £275 or 4 nights for £330

Please call 01538 703436 if you would like to enquire about this last minute availability for a self catering mini break in a holiday cottage near Alton Towers. Or email Or just book online ...

The Alton Towers theme park at ST10 4DB is well underway and the weather (today at least) is perfect.


Accommodation near Alton Towers - summer holidays 2014

My goodness, we only have a few self-catering short breaks left in the school summer holidays for a family dash to Alton Towers and a breath of fresh Staffordshire air.

People are very organised booking their self catering holiday cottage accommodation this year. I suppose this time last year there was still snow on the ground and it was hard to conceive of a glorious sunny day at Alton Towers or walking in the Peak District.

I've just been updating the availability page and as of today this is Barks Holiday Cottage availability.
for prices and latest availability please check the Availability page or call 01538 703436
July 2014
4, 5, 6 July available - £295 for 3 nights weekend mini-break
11, 12, 13 July available - £330 for 3 nights weekend mini-break

August 2014
only 3 mini breaks left ...
15, 16, 17 - weekend mini break available £450
18 - 21 available either £380 for 3 nights or £450 for 4 nights
29, 30, 31 August available as weekend mini break for £450

If you are looking for a quick trip to Alton Towers with your family and would like to organise a short break self catering break that combines proximity to ST10 4DB and glorious countryside views and walks then please enquire about our latest availability. or 01538 703436


Sunny days in Peak District holiday cottage

I want to put everything on my my list of chores on hold for a sunny day like today. Holiday cottage guests are out walking their dog, enjoying our Peak District countryside. Clever last minute self catering holiday cottage weekend booking! I think they are headed to Trentham Gardens and Chatsworth House before they leave tomorrow. Unfortunately I need to sort out everything for our next holiday cottage change over - but I did just wander out in the garden and snap this bumble bee in the crocuses. He's busy, so I suppose I'd better get busy too!

Alton Towers opens on Saturday 22nd March - we have a two night weekend holiday cottage break available.

Call 01538 703436 or email for latest availability - or book online.


Alton Towers Water Park

I spent all of last Sunday at Alton Towers Waterpark, well 1 - 5pm anyway.  It was a really chilly day outside ... but tropical inside.

I had five 10 year old boys to entertain and (here's the best of it) all I saw of them most of the day was a blur of smiles as they ran past on their way to the next slide or thrill. They didn't event stop for a drink, even though well-organised parents had sent them along with money for a healthy snack.  They grabbed the odd biscuit from my bag (shh don't tell Alton Towers staff I had some hidden there!).

So I sat and read my book for a while then towards the end of our visit I nipped into the bubbly pool and down a few slides.  I braved the outdoor slides too - ooh, that was chilly!
Good day had by all I'd say - a day at Alton Towers that the winter weather didn't spoil.
Water Park is a brilliant day out but in my grown up opinion ,,, I'd rather visit the Alton Towers spa!


2014 availability for holiday cottage near Alton Towers

Very pleased to report that the holiday cottage phone line is ringing frequently with enquiries for accommodation near Alton Towers during 2014. The holiday cottage was booked solid during 2013, mostly because the cottage is so close to Alton Towers but set in a peaceful scenic hamlet away from the bustle and traffic. We hope to see some of our regular guests return again in 2014 for a family holiday break.
Barks Holiday Cottage - next village to Alton Towers

Winter weekend self-catering breaks are from £230
When Alton Towers theme park is open we have self catering breaks in the holiday cottage from £280 in low season. Please email or call 01538 703436 for more details.
Online booking available.