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Alton Towers first weekend open

Alton Towers opens this weekend (unless of course you are Calum Best who tweeted that he was here on Friday).  Well, the big day came and it was raining, so we wimped out of going to Alton Towers and didn't make use of our Merlin pass.  Then today was glorious and sunny, so much so that we didn't make it to Alton Towers because we were too busy in the garden.  Oh dear . . . I hope our investment in an Alton Towers pass pays the expected entertainment dividend.

For those with more commitment to coming to Alton Towers, and looking for some family-friendly self-catering accommodation near to Alton Towers - it is just 2.8 miles to ST10 4DB aka Alton Towers Resort -  please take a look at the pictures and prices etc and give us a call or email with your preferred dates.  We look forward to hearing from you and offering you a warm welcome at Barks Holiday Cottage.